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Multidisciplinary Approach

It is recognised that TMJ disorders are complex and frequently require more than one speciality to effectively manage these specific disorders. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach is strongly advocated. Helen Cowgill has developed a national and international reputation for Physiotherapy management of TMJ disorders and was fundamental in the development of a TMJ multidisciplinary clinic in the United Kingdom for which Helen is the Lead Physiotherapist. As a result, TMJ Physio has excellent working relationships with and regular access to leading Maxillofacial Surgeons in the field of TMJ disorders, Consultants in oral and facial Pain, Specilaist Prosthetists, Dentists and Pscyhcologists and will provide an efficient and timely referral should you need to be reviewed by another TMJ Specialist.

TMJ MDT Clinics and consultations are available on privately at The Lister Hospital Chelsea and through the NHS at King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust.

A Joint Approach (2012) Frontline, 24th October 2012, p24-27

Multidisciplinary team:

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Surgery: Surgical intervention where indicated is the last management option once all conservative (non-surgical) management strategies have been fully explored. A small percentage of patients presenting with TMD will require surgical intervention. At TMJ Physio, we have excellent relationships with the leading TMJ surgeon’s within the UK, Europe and the USA and a referral for a surgical opinion will be made when indicated.

Consultant in Oral and Facial Pain

Pain Management: It is important to be in control of your pain, especially in TMD where it is almost impossible to completely rest the jaw. Simple analgesia can be prescribed by your General Practitioner. At TMJ Physio, we have strong links with pain specialists who have vast experience in managing the complex pain associated with TMJ disorders.

Specialist Prosthetists

Occlusal Appliance or Bite Splint: The bite splint commonly referred to by patients as a mouth guard is very important in the management of TMD, particularly if you are someone who grinds their teeth. The splint aims to temporarily interrupt the painful information being sent to the brain caused by constant clenching and grinding. Splints also protect the teeth and supportive structures from abnormal forces associated with grinding or clenching. The alignment and occlusion of the teeth is extremely important for optimal function of the TMJ. Therefore, at TMJ Physio, we would always consider this with patients presenting with TMD. At TMJ Physio, we have strong links with specialist dentists who have specialise in TMD who can make these occlusal appliances.


Psychological Interventions: Given the important role that Psychosocial and psychological factors play in TMD, psychosocial and psychological interventions and approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy are advocated for the management of TMD. Treatment of factors that change pain sensitivity such as mood disorders, anxiety, fatigue and depression are important in the treatment of TMD which in turn addresses the pain directly. At TMJ Physio, we have strong links with excellent psychologists who have extensive experience in treating TMD.


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